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How does this work?

This is a marketplace for tools to rent or buy. If you have tools, you can rent them to your neighbors. Tool owners can name their price/rate for selling or renting tools.

If you're in need of a tool, you can rent them from close by or even buy them.

You can name a reasonable refundable deposit that you will charge them in case the tools are damaged.

The renter would not hold the tool owner liable for any damage while he/she is using it (see terms and conditions).


Why should I use garage101?

Our goal is to help you save time and money by finding a cheap and close by solution to your tools need. No need to buy expensive new tools that you will use only once or twice. Our Site will show you the tools you need on a map and with prices for easy selection.

What are the rental/buy rates?

All tools will be posted with rental rates and buy rate in case the owner wants to sell them. Once you select one (or two) you can book them and then contact the tool owner to get them. In most cases the tool owner will require a deposit for the tool(s) to cover the repair of damaged tool. The deposit for each tool will be posted along with the rental rate.

You will be liable for the full price of the tool, in case you do not return it.

How do I pay for renting/buying a tool?

You may pay for any tool through our website or mobile application. We accept all major credit cards.

Can I contact the tool owner once I book a rent/buy tool?

When you make a booking, both the renter and the tool owner will get a display of the booking info on their dashboard and both parties can contact each other. There will be an email with the transaction detail too.

What do I do when I've rented/bought a tool?

When you have rented/bought a tool, you will be able to get in touch with the tool owner and go from there. We recommend going to a secure public place to make the exchange. You will have a check list on your smart phone or you can print one before leaving for the article. Please go thru the check list to finalize your transaction.

What if I have an issue with the tool that I rented/bought and paid for?

At the time of collecting the tool, the owner should show you how to operate it. You can call him if you have issues later. We will mediate if you still have issues.

Can I extend my rental period?

Yes, you can continue your rental by rebooking for another period. If you do not return a tool after the rental period is over, we will extend the period by another unit and charge you for it.

How do I end my rental booking and what happens if I can't return the tool in the allotted time?

To end your booking, take the tool back to the owner or follow his/her instruction on how to return it and hit the ‘CheckOut’ button in your web-site/App dashboard.

If for some reason you are not able to return the tool on time, there will be a charge for the next period and will be indicated on the dashboard. If you do not return the tool at all, your deposit will be used towards the purchase of the item. The owner has the right to ask you for the full replacement value of the tool.

Will there be a rating and feedback system for tools?

Yes! We will be releasing our review and feedback system soon.

Are there any discounts or promotions going on?

Yes! Enter promo code 'garage101' during checkout to receive $10 off your first reservation. We also have a referral program where if you invite your friends to Garage101, they will receive $10 off their first order and you will receive $10 in credit for each friend that completes their first booking.*

Additionally if the people you refer list their tools, we'll give you an additional 1 to 3% (depending on the value of the item) of their revenues for 6 months!

*Promo code cannot be combined with any other offers and are only valid for new customers. Garage101 reserves the right to alter or end this promotion at any time, including but not limited to any noted discount amounts.

What if I accidentally damage or break the tool or am unable to return the tool to the owner?

Renters are liable to pay the full price of the tool if it is not returned or broken or it is not in exact same condition upon renting.

Tool Owners:

How do I rent my tool?

Once you have registered an account with Garage101, navigate to the 'List your Tools' page and follow the instructions to enter your tool information. We will need:

  • Address
  • Tool name and type
  • Rental rate
  • Buy Rate (if any)

How does the renter know how to get access to my tools?

When you list your tool on the site, enter detailed instructions in the 'Private Messages' field. These instructions will only be shown to the renter who has rented/bought your tool(s).

What rental rate options do I have when listing my tool?

Your options are for hourly, daily, weekly or monthly rentals.

How much does Garage101 charge for listing my tools?

Nothing, Listing your tool is completely free. The rates that you choose to charge for your tool are the amounts you will receive when someone books your tool. We add a flat service fee and transaction fee on top of that, which the renter pays.

How do I know how much I should charge for my tool?

Look at prices on our rental map of tools near you in order to get a sense of how much other tool owners are charging. We also suggest looking at commercial rental places around you and choosing rates that are competitively lower. Feel free to contact us at info@garage101.com for recommendations as well.

When do I receive my payments and how do I get paid?

You will be paid once a month when the total amount owed to you is over $50. You will get money either by ACH or by PayPal.

How do I attract more bookings?

One way to attract more views and bookings is to add detailed pictures of your tools and descriptions. Also, make sure your tool rates are competitive to other nearby stores.

What do I do when I've rented a tool?

When you have rented/sold a tool, you will be able to get in touch with the seller and go from there. We recommend going to a secure public place to make the exchange. You will have a check list on your smart phone or you can print one before leaving for the article. Please go thru the check list to finalize your transaction. If you use a printed form for the check list, you may need to upload it to the site to get paid. We want the transaction to be safe, secure and binding. You will also need to do a ‘satisfactory returned’ checkout when the tool is returned.

How does Deposit for my tool rental work?

You set the deposit amount and you keep it until the tool is returned satisfactorily. You can request cash or a check for the deposit in your message. You can also ask for delivery charges if you can provide delivery for big tools.

What if renter does not return the tool or it is not same in condition upon renting or it is broken?

Renters are liable to pay the up to the full price of the tool if it is not returned or broken or it is not in exact same condition as upon renting.

Taxes & Fees:

Who is liable to pay taxes for the tools I list/rent/sell on garage101?

Tool owner is liable to pay for their own taxes for selling / renting.

Who is liable to pay fees like environmental fees, recycling fee, etc for the tools/items I list/rent/sell on garage101?

Lister / tool owner is liable to pay for all fees like environmental fees, recycling fees, etc for selling / renting.

What is the Garage101 service fee?

To help operate the Garage101 platform, we charge a service fee to the buyer when the transaction is confirmed.

We charge 3% to 12% service fee based on the selling or rental price of the tool and a 3% + 30¢ credit card transaction fee. If the full amount is paid using the credits, we do not charge the credit card transaction fee.

We do not charge any fee to the seller for listing and selling the tool on Garage101.

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Where do you get all your awesome images from?

We get our images from Pixabay, Pexels and free use google images.

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