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List Your Tools

You also can drag the red marker to update the address


In case of multiple tools, you can select tool condition per tool later from your account.


Any fields left empty or 0 will be disabled (e.g. if you only want hourly pricing, enter the amount in hourly and leave the others blank).

This message will be visible to all. Please put as many pieces of information as you want so that the renter can find the tool and/or address with ease.

You can also put amount and description that you need for deposit/delivery. Ex. $50 as security deposit and $100 for delivery charges if you want to deliver the tool. All deposits will be kept by the tool owner and refunded to the renter upon completion of the rental period.

This message will be visible only after the renter has paid. Here you put instructions on how to get the tool, access codes for the gate, etc for your tool location.

Listing Guideline

Phone verification - For us to approve and list your tool, it is important for you to verify your phone by replying to the text that you receive from our site. We will only show your phone number to renters that have booked your tools in order for them to contact you.

Deposit requirement – If the tool does not require a security, then it is a good idea to not ask for deposit – this reduces the interaction with the renter and makes your tool more marketable. We also advertize the tool as an ‘instant’ share. Also we can’t charge for the last period rent – the lease/rent is for one period mentioned at a time and the renter can either return or rebook for the next period when the current period runs out. Finally, we do not collect the deposit. The owner can do that at the time of exchanging the tools and also return the deposit at the time of taking the tool back.

Long term Lease – Our site works based on one unit of time each – hourly, daily, weekly, on monthly – so we can’t list your tool for 6 months or a year at a time. The renter will pay/get it for one month maximum at a time.

Personal Info – For privacy and security reasons, we do not put street address or your email/phone on the listing. We do give your phone number to the renter once he/she has paid for the tools.

Rent extension – If the renter keeps the tool for longer period of time then we automatically extend the contract month after month or week after week and so on.

Tool Availability – We understand that you may rent your tool out thru another source available to you off and on. We ask that you maintain the status on our site on the availability of your tool(s). This way we can serve the renters better and make this marketplace a user friendly place for a long time.

-Garage101 Team

   By checking this box, I agree that this tools listing is advertised in accordance with Garage101 terms and conditions and that you have the legal right to list this tool for rent and you are over 18 years of age.