New Feature!

We are delighted to announce a new inventory feature!
Create and maintain your own private inventory for your stuff.

Create Inventory

Create Your Inventory

Private Inventory refers to items which aren't public and only visible to you. With smart inventory you can always keep a track of all your stuff (including tools). It helps to know where your stuff is for quick find and you won’t buy it again. It may also help reconciling your stuff if a disaster strikes.

Stuff that you may have duplicate or not used can be easily marked to sell (or rent).

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You can earn an additional $10 credit by listing your Tool.

How It Works

Add Items

Add all the items with their location and other details to create a new inventory.


Once your items are added, you can maintain them. You can add more items or update details.

Rent an Item

You also have an option of renting an item which you inventorized.

Prefer a smart approach? Create your inventory now.

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Earn Cash Credits

Whenever you refer a friend, your friend gets $10 off their first booking and you'll receive $10 in credit after their first booking is completed.

If your friends list their first tool, you will get an additional 3% of their revenues for 6 months.