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How to Handle a Hammer

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Every job requires a specific tool and then there are certain tools that can be used for several jobs.

A hammer is used for various purposes such as driving nails, fitting parts, forging metal, and even for breaking objects.

Hammers come in different shapes and sizes and each of them have a unique application.

With the evolution of technology and the sudden increase in online businesses, many men have stopped doing their household repairs and other similar work. Instead, these people call handyman to build or repair something. However, everyone should be aware of common household tools and how they could be used for different tasks. In case of an emergency you might need this knowledge.

Additionally, knowing how to use tools can save you a lot of money, and time which you might spend waiting for a handyman to show up. So let’s discuss the purpose of a hammer and how it is used.

Holding the Hammer

When you want to drive a nail and you need to have a better control over the hammer, grip it closer to its head. For a powerful blow, you need to hold the hammer near the handle’s end.

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Driving the Nail

After placing the nail in its position, hold it between your forefinger and thumb of your weaker hand (the stronger hand is used to hold the hammer). Your fingers should be placed near the top of the nail. Holding the nail near the bottom can make you visit the hospital due to crushed fingers because of a missed hammer swing. Only picturing it will send chills down your spine, so make sure that you do not make this mistake.

The hammer should be held from the middle of the handle. Then the nail should be lightly tapped to sink it into the wood. To drive nails into a hard material such as a wall, you need to drill a hole to make space for the nail. You can then use a split wood piece and the nail together to drive the nail in the spot.


Here are some tips for better hammering.

  • For better control swing the hammer from the wrist. To apply more force, swing the hammer from the elbow.
  • You need to focus on the nail and not on the hammer. In this way, you can avoid wrong blows and hit directly on point.
  • Your smooth swing combined with the weight of the hammer can do the job. You don’t need to apply more force as it can lead to bent nails and wild swings.
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