underwater impact wrench to tighten bolts on installed split pipe used to protect cable on the ocean floor.
underwater impact wrench to tighten bolts on installed split pipe used to protect cable on the ocean floor.

Safety Tips for Using Your Impact Wrench

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Impact wrenches are designed to produce very high torques. They can be operated manually, but they are primarily available as automated models. The three most common power sources for impact wrenches are pneumatic, electric and hydraulic. Some models are cordless, which means that the user doesn’t have to worry about running out of cord length when changing tires.

Impact wrenches have certain safety guidelines that need to be followed at all times for a safer experience.


Before using your impact wrench, make sure you go through the accompanying instruction manual from start to finish. You want to thoroughly understand all the specified warnings and requirements placed therein. When operating an impact wrench, it is highly recommended to dress appropriately, this also includes tying loose hair and clothes which could get in the way.

Wearing Safety Equipment

Before starting work with an impact wrench, search for any anomalies in your surroundings. If they are cluttered with a list of tools scattered around, you should tidy up the place to minimize instances of bad falls or trips that could hurt you. If the environment is dusty, wear a mask for added protection. Always wear gloves, safety goggles, and a protective jacket.

Using Appropriate Accessories

You will need to use accessories to properly operate your impact wrench, these include compatible drill bits and sockets. Make sure that the accessory is compatible with before installing it. Being lackadaisical with the parts could damage them upon impact. The resulting splinters could cause accidents and injury.

Look for Damage to the Impact Wrench and Its Accessories

To prevent walking in on an accident, you should ideally examine the impact wrench and its accessories. Look for symptoms of breakage, cracking and damage. If you find signs of damage, make sure a trained professional repairs them, or replace the tool entirely. Working with damaged tools can expose you to dangers and cause a serious accident that a little foresight could have prevented.

Assess the Work Area

It is not advisable to use impact wrenches when crouched inside restrictive spaces. It is common for electric cables, pipes and gas lines to be hidden in restrictive spaces. These can cause a fatal injury to you and others around you if you don’t take necessary precautions. A good idea is to set up signs in front of these areas to educate people about the possible dangers of working in the area with an impact wrench.

Operating Within the Guidelines

Do not use the impact wrench for tasks it is not designed for. Your hands should be able to form a strong grip on the tool and maintain control irrespective of the amount of torque applied. This is why you should check against your instruction manual for the recommended torque and appropriate sockets

Unplug Impact Wrench When Not in Use

It goes without saying but you should unplug the impact wrench when not using it. Store the tool in its designated toolbox along with all its accessories in an enclosed, dry location. Do not swap out accessories or sockets if the impact wrench is still plugged in, you could cause an injury by accidentally turning the tool on.Garage101

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