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DIY Car Maintenance Tips for Your Next Car Tuning

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There is a lot to gain from DIY car maintenance and tuning. Besides saving a lot of money, you also get to prioritize your car’s well-being. By doing DIY car maintenance, you can see the car’s engine by yourself and form an opinion over it.

Someone getting their work done by a mechanic wouldn’t have an idea of how well their car is performing and if there are any hidden flaws inside the car. However, another person getting the work done on their own would have a better idea of what is going wrong and how they can solve the issue without any outside help.

Here are some DIY car maintenance tips for the next tuning job for your car. Read the list and implement the tips for an awesome time maintaining and revving your car:

Air Filter:

Your car needs a new air filter every 12,000 miles or 12 months, whatever comes first. While mechanics charge a hefty amount for this basic change, you can get it done yourself in no time whatsoever.

The process includes the following steps:

  • Find the filter located within the hood of your car. The filter is basically under a black box with clips attached to it. If you’re unable to find the filter, check the owner’s manual for further information.
  • See how the filter sits under the box and take note of the positions.
  • Remove the previous air filter, and place another one in the same exact position.
  • Close the metal box and apply the metal clips when you’re done with your job.

You would need the right tools to boost you during the job.

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs usually need replacement after every 20,000 or 30,000 miles. The owner’s manual would have more specific details pertaining to the change, which is why you might find opening it helpful.

Here you will need a ratchet or a socket wrench with you to get the replacement done with. Also, have new spark plugs with you for instant installation.

While the process for removing spark plugs itself is fairly easy, you need to be sure of identifying a spark plug that needs replacement. Spark plugs that require replacement have a distinct color to them. If you feel that the plugs are worn out, get them replaced immediately.

Oil and Oil Filter

Oil change is perhaps the most frequent repair in a car and should be done after every 3,000 miles. You may also get away with changing the oil after some 5,000 miles based on the car.

You will need a ratchet, a wrench, a funnel and an oil pan and filter for doing this DIY job.

Make sure that you don’t change the oil when your car is hot and has come back from a long journey. Remove the old oil, close the filter from below and pour in the new one for immediate impact.


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