Renting a Tool from Garage101

Renting a Tool from Garage101

People usually take two factors into account while opting for home improvement projects; cost and time. Although renting a tool might look pointless, it has several advantages including saving money and time. Buying tools is not a new thing, but renting out items to use for a short time has a promising future. Garage101 offers

Pliers - Garage101

The Different Uses of Pliers

Although pliers are mainly used for gripping, they can also be used for bending and cutting things. The handles of these multi-purpose tools can help to multiply the user’s strength. Every toolbox contains pliers as it is an important tool, which is used for a variety of tasks. Ensuring safety and increasing work efficiency is

Hammer - Garage101

How to Handle a Hammer

Every job requires a specific tool and then there are certain tools that can be used for several jobs. A hammer is used for various purposes such as driving nails, fitting parts, forging metal, and even for breaking objects. Hammers come in different shapes and sizes and each of them have a unique application. With